Adorable fat girl shares her weight-loss tips: MY FIVE RULES TO LOSE 40LBS (Adorable Fat Girl NON FICTION Book 1)

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"This book works. I lost weight. It’s full of very clever psychological tips. It makes you feel so much better about yourself." The Times
Welcome to the kind approach to weight loss. This is different from other weight loss books. It’s packed with stories about how other people lost weight along with small tips that lead to subtle mind changes and big success.

"This book works. You will lose weight and feel soooo much better about yourself." Daily Mail
"A warm, tender, friendly book that helped me lose 20lbs…" Heath & Fitness magazine

The book stars Mary Brown – heroine of the Adorable fat Girl series of books. She’s funny, gorgeous and bonkers and when the series starts, she’s seriously overweight.

She heads for Fat Club and slowly starts to lose weight. The novels tell the tales of the fun she has and the people she meets as she battles the pounds, but as well as having a crazy amount of fun, she also loses weight

…she manages to lose a massive 40lbs!!

How on earth did she lose all that weight?

Here in this mini book – for the first time – she describes the rules, stories and feelings that helped her.

This is a kind approach to weight loss. It’s about learning to love yourself as you shift the pounds.

It worked for Mary Brown and everyone at Fat Club (even Ted who can’t go a day without a bag of chips and thinks a pint isn’t a pint without a bag of pork scratchings), and it’s worked for hundreds of readers who’ve written in.
I hope it works for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the reviews

BOY OH BOY this really works.

The tip that helped me loose weight in particular is the "CAVE MEN ONLY EAT WHEN THEIR HUNGRY"
I know it sounds made but give it a go it REALLY works.
Thank you so much Bernice and all your readers who shared their tips.

Funny an witty like she’s you and you’re her

Funny and human

Read it, loved it, bought all the others!

Brilliant! .

Love this series! This is an added extra nook on the series, and has helped me to look at my eating habits!

I love it and i can relate to it

Read it, loose it …weight that is

I absolutely love this one, it’s all so true and better than any fad diet, makes you genuinely think about how your eating .
‘Don’t be a dustbin ‘ has really stuck in my mind, that and the acutal feeling hungry .

This should be a 5 star Book sold in its millions as the best guru book out there on weight loss!

Really enjoyed this book can really relate to the stories as nd gained some great tips.Will be collecting all of these books now

This is the sixth book in the series, but can be enjoyed without reading any of the previous ones

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