Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day: The Deep Dive into Applications of the 10-Minute Philosophy

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Change Your Life in 10 Minutes a Day!

What if only 10 minutes of specific action a day could turn your life completely around?
What if you ditched the “I have no time” excuse and consistently focused on a key goal for 10 minutes a day?
Imagine steadily chipping away at your dreams even in busy weeks – without being stopped by life’s constant craziness.

Michal Stawicki’s “10-Minute Philosophy” is easily understood. By successfully employing it, Michal has transformed from a miserable cog in a corporation into an international bestselling author and business owner.

Using the same principles in wildly different areas (including weight loss, speed reading, home schooling, time management, and overcoming shyness) he achieved his desired goals every time. Michal describes his experience in five books which have already helped tens of thousands of his readers to improve their lives.

These are now available in this single volume (over 210 pages!), at an enticing discount.

Weight Loss

The Fitness Expert Next Door

How I and 1539 other common folks have lost a significant amount of weight, and you can too!

Get to the bottom line of weight loss. You don’t need to become a fitness encyclopedia to lose weight. On the contrary – the more you search on the Internet the more confused you can get.

You’ll discover how to successfully establish:

– An incentive to start

– A mindset to persevere

– Creativity to fine tune your tactics

– Consistency to stay the course

Speed Reading

Learn to Read with Great Speed! Only 10 minutes a day!

Looking for a no nonsense approach to speed reading?

In this book, you’ll:

– learn about speed reading obstacles and techniques

– choose the techniques that suit you best

– learn about my “10-Minute Philosophy”  and 10 minute speed reading program

– find links to 8 free, online speed reading resources

– adapt my program to your needs

Home Schooling

Release Your Kid’s Dormant Genius In Just 10 Minutes a Day

Help your kid achieve great results by following simple, daily disciplines

“Release Your Kid’s Dormant Genius” is a guideline for success, it is not a “magic snake-oil cure.” Inside the book you will find:

-How to identify and fix your child’s problem areas

-The successful techniques I used to help my son turn his performance around

-7 tips on how to creating your 10 minute teaching program

Time Management

Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day

Your dreams can coexist with your life

The first two chapters deal with the philosophy of building a productive mindset; after all, time management is all about having the right attitudes. The remainder of the book delves right into specific techniques you can easily implement.

Overcoming Shyness

From Shy to Hi

Discover practical methods to help you feel at ease and confident in all areas of your life.

From Shy to Hi is a no-nonsense approach to overcoming the painful discomfort of bashfulness.

In From Shy to Hi, you’ll discover:

-The mindset that will encourage you to beat timidity

-Successful strategies from others who have overcome their restrictive habits

-A full 21-day blueprint to turn your coyness into self-assurance

-Personal success stories, tactics for a variety of circumstances, and much, much more!

Take action; change your life.

Those five areas are just examples – a deep dive into practical applications of the universal “10-Minute Philosophy”. Applying this philosophy consistently will enable you to have success in any area of your life.

Grab your copy today and start improving your life in just 10 minutes a day!

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