Find Your Weigh: Renew Your Mind & Walk In Freedom

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When has a diet ever yielded long-term weight results?

”Read this book, engage in the Bible study, listen to the Spirit of God whisper that you are God’s dear child, and reorient your mind around the truth that you mean more to Him than the stars in the sky; You’ll find a beautiful blend of freedom and determination.”

Rob Ketterling, Excerpt from Foreword – author and pastor of River Valley Church, Front Row Leadership,, Change Before You Have To, and Fix It.

If you have ever felt hopeless about your weight or struggled with the up and down rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, Find Your Weigh offers a new perspective and proactive steps to change your relationship with food.

When we think about losing weight, we immediately think of a diet. However, diets are only short-term fixes to target our weight, which is really just a symptom of our behavior with food. If we really want to change our weight story, we’ve got to target our behavior with food and uncover the beliefs that actually inform that behavior. The problem is that most of us have no idea what we believe or why we act the way that we do with food.

It’s time to walk in freedom over food and weight.

Join Shellie Bowdoin as she shares her own weight journey and lays out practical, “aha” steps to help you renew your mind with food. You will learn how to uncover your beliefs and target your faulty thinking about food with actionable steps and the truth of God’s Word.

Biblical weight loss actually calls God into the picture. You will see how God desires to speak strength into your weakness with food. Find Your Weigh will reveal your excuses and mind blocks about food and will help you develop new, workable habits that you can see yourself following next week, next month and next year!

Filled with biblical insights, practical steps and interactive questions, this book will help you get to the bottom of your food issues to help you figure out why you do what you do and think what you think when it comes to food. Find Your Weigh will lead you through a proven process that will yield tailor-made solutions to fit your preferences and your lifestyle. Ultimately, the idea is to develop a mental framework and workable habits that allow you to enjoy all kinds of food in a healthy, managed, Holy Spirit-empowered way!

”Instead of looking for another diet or another workout plan, it’s time to alter your relationship with food for good. The only way to do this is to renew your thinking and establish focused eating habits that you can carry on for the rest of your life. I did it and, for the first time in my life, I’ve taken weight off its pedestal in my head and replaced it with living!”

Find Your Weigh is written to be motivational and practical. It can be used alone to set up healthy food habits for successful weight maintenance or alongside another proven weight loss plan. You will learn:

– How your current behavior with food is directly tied to your expectations and assumptions built over time
– How to develop new individualized, focused eating habits
– How to enjoy food as the blessing it is and still maintain your weight

This book also comes with a companion group Bible study. Check out Find Your Weigh: Walk In Freedom Bible Study Guide by Shellie Bowdoin. Free video links are also available for use with the study guide. Both the book and the study guide can be used alongside any healthy weight loss program or to help you set up a healthy plan for weight maintenance.

All profits from the print version go to fund mission outreaches throughout Asia Pacific; through Assemblies of God World Missions.

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