Freelancing Foundations: A Guide to Getting Started on Upwork

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What would you give to never worry about losing your job?

Our world is filled with uncertainty. Record-breaking numbers of people have filed for unemployment, and millions are struggling to make ends meet. Entire industries have been sidelined by unexpected government mandates, and relief programs don’t begin to meet our society’s needs. In this era of unpredictability, how can you ensure a stable income for you and your family?

The solution is freelancing. Whether you’re looking for part-time, supplemental income, a total career makeover, or merely an ace in your sleeve in case all else fails, freelancing offers a solution. In this book, Josh will show you how to:

  • Identify the Skills You Already Have
  • Find a Profitable Freelance Niche
  • Effectively Market Your Talents
  • Build a Consistent Stream of Income
  • Create a Peaceful Work/Life Balance
  • Establish Yourself on Upwork

Freelancing Foundations will walk you through each step of how to become a freelancer on Upwork, from joining the platform to establishing best practices while you work from home. In these chapters, you’ll discover:

  • What software you need to get started as a freelancer
  • The top five Upwork myths and the truth behind them
  • How to build a great profile and optimize it so clients can find you
  • Secrets to writing a cover letter that will consistently get you noticed, interviewed, and hired
  • How to choose the right Upwork membership type
  • Avoid common mistakes many freelancers make

This easy-to-read book is written in a conversational tone. It features interactive exercises after each chapter so you can apply the lessons you’ve learned immediately. Freelancing Foundations is structured to be used as a reference guide, and Josh includes screenshots of what you should (and shouldn’t!) do in various areas.

One of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of working as a freelancer on Upwork is how the Job Success Score (JSS) works. This is the most critical metric on Upwork, and not approaching it correctly can make the difference between a successful career and failing to launch. Josh commits an entire section to understanding the JSS, digging into:

  • How the JSS is calculated
  • Why you don’t have one JSS (you actually have three!)
  • How contracts are weighted differently as they factor into your JSS
  • Avoiding common JSS pitfalls
  • How to overcome JSS problems when they occur
  • Establishing an excellent Job Success Score right away
  • The benefits of a good JSS
  • How to keep your JSS stable

After you’ve gotten started on Upwork, the trickiest parts can be finding the right jobs, picking good clients, and maintaining a steady work flow. A substantial portion of Freelancing Foundations is dedicated to:

  • Optimizing your job feed to discover contracts that are perfectly suited to you
  • Using advanced search filters to eliminate jobs you don’t want
  • Knowing the difference between what a freelancer sees and a client’s view
  • How each aspect of your profile affects the way clients search for you

Finally, the book concludes with a section on operating successfully as a freelancer. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify soft skills you should prioritize
  • Interact with even the most difficult clients
  • Understand the culture of freelancing
  • Maximize your rates and give yourself regular raises
  • Set workdays, establish working hours, and create a vacation time policy

Josh began freelancing as a last resort, hoping to earn a bit of side cash. A quarter-million dollars later, it’s obvious this last-ditch effort paid off. In Freelancing Foundations, he shows you how to do the same.

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