GPS Watch for Men Women, Activity Tracker GPS Running Watch Touch Screen Smart Watch Heart Rate/Sleep/Step/Counter Monitor Sports Watch with 17 Sport Mode

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Product Description

GPS watch gps running watch running watch fitness tracker activity tracker smart watchGPS watch gps running watch running watch fitness tracker activity tracker smart watch

GPS Positioning Tips

It is recommended to turn on the positioning in the open space and the signal will be better. If it is indoors, buildings and densely populated areas, failure may occur due to unstable signals. Our app will be updated from time to time to watch AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) in order to make the coverage of the motion track more detailed and precise.

When you sync your device to the app and finish loading data, you’ll find that the AGPS update. AGPS update takes about 2 minutes, so don’t close the app during this time.

Recommendation: Always sync your device to the app.

After completion, try to start GPS motion positioning, which can be used normally.

Charging Tips

The watch is equipped with a charging cable and a base, which can be connected to the USB port of the computer or the USB port of the charging head of the mobile phone. It is more convenient without a special charger.

Watch Connection Tips

1) Click “Unbind” in the app

2) Cancel the pairing of the watch device (Watch-p1-xxxx) in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, restart the mobile phone

3) Search for the watch connection in the app (the iPhone also needs to be paired when the app is connected).

4) Android mobile phone also needs to give the APP background running permission on the mobile phone, and the iPhone does not need to be set.

The connection medium between the watch and the mobile app is Bluetooth. Mobile phone Bluetooth signal coverage: indoor 3 ~ 5 meters, outdoor open environment, within 10 meters. If some device space itself shields the signal, the connection is also affected.

Activity trackerActivity tracker

Activity Tracker & Sleep Monitor & Alarm

All-day activity tracker and sleep monitor, as well as vibrating alarm clocks.

This GPS running watch can record your all day activity data accurately like steps, calories burned, distance.

Heart rate monitorHeart rate monitor

Accurate Heart Rate & HRV Analysis & Synchronize Data to Strava

Heart rate and Polar professional heart rate contrast, more accurate

Accurate Dynamic Heart Rate, compared with polar-HR belt Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring & Heart Rate Alert Continuously monitor your heart rate 24/7, with HRV Analysis, indicating your fatigue state.

Heart Rate Warning

Continuously monitor your heart rate 24/7

Synchronize Data to Strava

The GPS running watch can synchronize distance, elevation gain, moving time, calories, pace and routine. It cannot synchronize heart rate data.

Efficient Life Features

More Functions: smart notification/ silent alarm/ sedentary reminder/ schedule/ compass/ multi-dial/ military time & regular time setting (12-hour system setting)/HRV Analysis/ Automatic sleep monitor, vibration alarm reminder/ Pedometer/ Stopwatch/ Timer/ No Disturb mode/ Easy Camera (Remote control of mobile phone shooting)/ Flashlight (Highlight screen display)/ Alarm clock vibration

Time/Date Adjustment After downloading the app on your mobile phone and logging in, click: Device–Watch—Connect (watch account). After the completion, the time of the watch will automatically synchronize the phone.

Weather Synchronization The mobile phone need to allow the APP to obtain the positioning permission. When there is a network, the weather data will be displayed in the upper left corner of the APP’s motion page. After the APP is connected to the watch, the weather can be displayed synchronously in the dial showing the weather.

If the watch does not display the weather, please check if the above is complete.

sport watchsport watch

Built-in 17 Professional Sports Modes

17 sports modes inside

running, cycling, basketball, mountain, swimming, fast walk, climbing, badminton, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, sit-ups, rope-jump, yoga, dance, aerobics,ice-skating, tennis.

Swimming mode can record S Wolf and lap.

Waterproof level: IP68

Play More Sports

This GPS watch can smart track running, cycling and ball sports, automatically switches to the corresponding interface. With 17 sport modes, finding a fun way to stay active is easy. Hit the yoga course, go for a bike ride, take a dance class, or even try your hand at ice-skating. When you head outside, built-in GPS allows this GPS running watch to track all the details of your chosen activities— with no phone connection required. From aerobics to swimming and at least a dozen other options in between, this watch is the perfect playmate.

Message Notification If you are using an iPhone (IOS), under normal circumstances, when the APP is connected to the watch, the pop-up device requests Bluetooth pairing and allows the information displayed by the mobile notification center to be pushed to the watch.

If not, you can do this:

1) On the APP device page, click on “Unbind”;

2) Go to the phone – Settings – Bluetooth – Ignore the device (P1C-xxxx);

3) The phone is turned off by Bluetooth, and after two minutes, the Bluetooth is turned back on;

4) Enter the app again, be sure to look at the Bluetooth pairing request pairing point (this is very important, if not, there is no reminder).

If you are using an Android phone, open the “smart reminder” on the app after the watch is connected to the app, select the desired push option, if you need other reminders, you can click “+” to add other software reminders. Such as Line, whatsapp, etc.

When the phone receives a message from the software, the mobile notification center needs to display the information and content, and the system notification will send the push command to the watch and display it on the watch.

If not, please recheck your phone settings, restart your phone, and reconnect your app.

sports track

sports track

night color watch

night color watch

fatigue watch

fatigue watch

long-battery gps watch

long-battery gps watch

Intelligent Automatic Recognition

Automatically recognize running and ball sports, colorful night running.

Colorful Night Run

When you run at night, the screen of the gps watch will change to different colors.

HRV & Fatigue Test

7*24 all-day heart rate monitor, measuring fatigue at any time through HRV

Long Battery Life

The normal battery life of the watch is 5-7 days. With GPS on all the time, the battery life of the watch is 8 hours, and the battery life of the watch in pure watch mode (only looking at the time and in power-saving mode) is 20 days.

gps watch

gps watch

gps running watch

gps running watch

running watch

running watch

smart watch

smart watch

Quick-Release & Changeable Strap

20mm universal standard strap for freely changing, 20mm Quick-release strap,can be any combination.

Sedentary Reminder

If you don’t move for an hour, the watch will receive a vibration reminder.


This gps watch can set the schedule and alarm.


This watch can count time.

Smart Running Watch – 7 running modes for this fitness tracker. Free running, 12-minute cooper test/vo2max, endurance, target calories, target time and target distance. Also supports colorful night run. GPS can be used continuously for up to 8 hours while running.
Smart Track Running & 17 Sports Modes – Smart track running & ball sports; automatically switches to the corresponding interface. Multiple sports modes: running, cycling, basketball, mountain, swimming, etc.
Full Touch Color Screen and Smart Functions – vibration alarm reminder. Auto uploads to Strava, message and call notifications, call rejection, events, stopwatch, timer, power-saving mode, flashlight, do-not-disturb mode, alarm clock, 9 dials inside, target setting, etc. Note:Items are available, can be sold normally.

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