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ILLI Products Pro Sport Agility Ladder Training Set. Includes a 20 ft. Agility Ladder, 1 Resistance Parachute, 12 Drill Cones and 2 Carrying Bags, Exercise Fitness Equipment for The Athlete in You.

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Product Description

Agility LadderAgility Ladder

ILLI Products Pro Sport Agility Ladder Training Set

Agility TrainingAgility Training

Fun in the sun for all ages

Agility: is the ability to change position quickly and accurately using quick controlling movements with out losing speed. But did you know that it also improves your mental state of mind as well by helping you boost your cognitive performance?
Agility Training: Incorporates components or learning focus, balance, and coordination. This type of training stimulates richer connections in your brain among multiple regions by demanding them to work together.
In todays world having focused coordination and cognitive behavior can help you to stay on top of the game in various aspects of your life.

Agility Equipment for AthletesAgility Equipment for Athletes

Agility Ladder: Among the many reasons to get an agility ladder they also are known to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Which in turn improve your cardiovascular power, coordination, and mental focus.

Resistance Parachute: Known for increasing your running speed they also help to improve your sprints and running time as well as help you get an over all on improving your running stance and posture.
12 Speed Cones: Have scrimmages? These cones can form the field. Ball drills? The cones work your magic with you, flexible and durable they are meant to handle the athlete in you
4 Steel Pegs: These little guys have your back, mount them into the ground by way of the triangle buckles to allow your agility ladder to shell out additional support during your drills
Carrying Bags: 2 bags, 1 for storing resistance parachute and the other so you can take your drill workout anywhere. Who ever thought you can carry a chance to make a better you in a bag over your shoulder?

Exercise Ladder

Exercise Ladder

Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Agility Cones

Agility Cones

Agility Training Ladder

Agility Training Ladder

Agility Ladder: 20ft. long 16.5 inches wide, 12 adjustable rungs. Nylon straps and PP plastic this agility ladder is as durable as it is flexible and for the added environmental bonus it is also 100% recyclable.

Resistance Parachute: 55×55 inches diameter and 36 inch lead, with up to 33 pounds of resistance this runners parachute is nothing to take lightly. Reinforced stitching, weather treated with a spin-coating method to sustain rugged climates.

Sport Cones: 7.5×2 inches these bright yellow cones can be spotted from across the field. Made from PE plastic they are flexible as they are durable and are 100% recyclable. Scrimmages, field markers, ball drills, sprints, you name it. These cones have a purpose for you.

Steel Pegs and Carrying Bags: The pegs deliver stability and support where you need it most during your drills, by way of the ladders triangle buckles. The carrying bags are great for storing your set when not in use and as well as transporting it to where ever you go.

Agility Ladder Speed Training EquipmentAgility Ladder Speed Training Equipment

Agility Drills

Most athletes use a warm up to increase their heart rate, awaken and stretch the muscles and ligaments and to improve your reaction time.
Agility Drills done by sets like this one are capable of achieving in just a few minutes what would have taken what felt like a life time with old fashion obsolete warm-ups like jump roping and running laps.
Unlike box jumps or hang cleans where you run the high risk of personal injury, agility drills with this set reduces the chance of personal strain injuries or any other injury you can acquire from a work out of the past.

Exercise LaddersExercise Ladders

The first steps

We are confident to say that this agility ladder set is designed with you in mind from your safety to your mental state of mind. We have worked vigorously with product coordinators to make sure that you are getting the best product we can offer that won’t break your bank. We have yet to come across one that can match the durability and reliability that this Pro Sport Agility Ladder Training Set has to offer.

20ft. Agility Ladder with 12 adj. rungs, 1 resistance parachute, 12 speed cones and 2 carrying bags.
IMPROVE YOUR GAME, ENHANCE FOOTWORK with our completely adjustable agility ladder and 4 steel pegs
Resistance Parachute builds speed and strength 55×55″x36″ up to 33lbs resistance, adjustable harness
12 Drill Cones, 7.5″ wide 2″ tall, flexible and durable use with ladder, ball drills or field marker
TAKE YOUR WORKOUT ANYWHERE with the shoulder strapped bag, outdoors or home gym, goes where you go.

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