Jaw Exerciser Jawline Shaper Facial Jaw Exercise Ball Neck, Cheeks, Double Chin – Chisel Chin Slimming Jaws Mouth Strap Band for Men and Women Reduce Stress and Cravings…(Green)

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Do you have the following troubles?
Sore facial muscles
We have something for you.Our face shaper! Strengthening facial muscles will reduce skin aging. It also increases blood circulation in the face, neck, and head. Facial training can help reduce the double chin, promote a natural smile, and improve the jawline.
The first use is as follows:
1. First practice the feeling of opening your mouth several times and placing it in your mouth.
2. Place the chin trainer in hot water above 90 degrees (no need to keep burning) for 20 to 24 seconds.
3. Take out the chin trainer from the hot water, shake off the excess hot water, and don’t wait too long for it to cool down.
4. Hold the chin trainer with your index finger and thumb, place it in your mouth, and adjust the position so that you can bite the bite strip.
5. Bite hard and hold for 15 seconds to form bite marks according to the contours of teeth and oral cavity.
6. Remove the chin trainer from the mouth, then cool and solidify in cold water to form a customized bite mark.
Recommended exercise time: 20 minutes a day Material: food-grade silicone and polyurethane.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:How do I start?
 A:We recommend beginning with the STARTER model (40lbs resistance). Perform 5-10 sets with as many bite reps as comfortable (Don’t overdo it!)
Q:How often do I use this?
A:Use every day if possible. Increase your number of sets and reps as muscles are strengthened.
Q:Is this Jaw Exerciser for Men or Women?
A:Both! It’s for everyone.
Q:How long before I see results?
A:While most customers reported awesome chin shape within 2-4 weeks, it is different from individual to individual. Don’t give up!
?【POWERFUL ANTI AGING MACHINE】 Neck wrinkles and triple chins are a thing of the past. Our jaw mechanically engineered resistance facial trainer is designed to stimulate face, cheek, and neck muscles to achieve a shaped, chiseled, and young smile.
?【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】This Facial exerciser, mouth tightener, lips trainer, perfect for jawline exerciser is made of FOOD-GRADE material. It has a mint scent, which makes your breath fresher while exercising your jaw. It is durable and lightweight, carefully designed to be used for both Men & Women of all age groups. Simply wash it under hot running tap water before and after each use to keep it clean and safe.
?【REUSABLE, DURABLE, HEALTHY 】Our Facial Exerciser Ball offers you hands-free, fat remover bites exercise for the awesome, sharp chins of your dream. No more overnight facelift mask, surgical removal, toning rollers massager.
?️【PERFECT GIFT】The jaw muscle exerciser and neck toning is a perfect gift for holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other festivals. Perfect to gift this to yourself, your friends, and loved ones. This is also very lightweight and portable and therefore it is easy to carry while you travel.

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