Keto for Women Over 50: Complete Guide for Senior Women to Ketogenic Diet and a Healthy Weight Loss, Including a 28-Day Meal Plan and Over 100 Mouthwatering Recipes

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You Are About To Discover How To Tailor The Keto Diet For Your Unique Situation As A Woman Over 50 Years!

With an estimated 3 in every 4 (75%) senior citizens in the United States expected to be obese by 2025, we are sitting on a time bomb because with obesity comes all manner of associated health problems like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and many more.

By virtue that you are reading this, it means you don’t want to be part of the statistic and have probably heard a thing or two about the Ketogenic diet and are looking for answers.

Indeed, the Ketogenic diet is the king of weight loss diets for a reason and this is the fact that it is very effective in making the body an efficient fat burning machine that runs on ketones.

But there is one problem – the standard Ketogenic diet is not suited for women, especially those in their menopausal years (50 years and above). This makes it very hard for women over 50 to sustainably lose weight on a Keto diet.

However, this does not mean the diet is not for you if you are 50 years and above.

What it means is that you have to modify the diet to suit your unique needs and circumstances to enjoy the fat/ketone burning capabilities of the keto diet.

How exactly does the Ketogenic diet affect women over 50 years in a manner that is different from everyone else?

How exactly do you modify the standard Keto diet to make it suitable for you as a woman of 50 years and above?

What foods should you eat and which ones should you avoid as you follow the keto diet as a woman over 50?

How do you start following the Keto diet the right way as a woman who is 50 years and above?

How can you increase your chances of success while following the keto diet?

If you have these and other related questions about following the keto diet as a woman of 50 years and above, this book is for you so keep reading!

More precisely, in this book, you will learn:

  • The basics of the keto diet, including what it is, the goal of the diet, how it works as well as why it is beneficial
  • How the keto diet affects menopausal women differently from everyone else
  • How the Ketogenic diet can aid with the signs and symptoms of ageing and menopause
  • 3 keto-friendly food categories you should have at your disposal
  • What you cannot eat during keto diet
  • 7 rules to kick-start the Ketogenic diet when you are over 50
  • Challenges women over 50 faces during keto diet and how to avoid them
  • Golden tips for beginners to achieve keto success
  • 28 day Keto meal plan for women over 50
  • 101 keto diet recipes that you can have for breakfast, appetizers, main dishes, snacks, drinks, dessert and more – each with complete nutritional information, cook time, prep-time and more
  • And much, more!

If you are tired of following diets that end up causing unintended problems that you can’t deal with, this book will show you a new approach to dieting that will not only see you lose weight but keep it off and achieve lots of health benefits like fighting diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and much more!

Are you ready for the transformation?

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