Reducose, 60 Vegetarian Tablets, Supports a Normal Healthy Blood Glucose Response

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Product Description

Reducose MulberryReducose Mulberry

Reducose, 60 Vegetarian Tablets, Supports Normal a Healthy Blood Glucose Response*

Reducose is a patent-protected water extract of white mulberry (Morus alba) leaf which has been shown in clinical studies to block the digestion of sugar and carbohydrate by up to 40%. It is the next generation solution for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels*. Reducose fits simply into your daily routine helping make lifestyle changes easier so you can achieve your goals. In clinical studies, Reducose lowered the Glycemic Index (GI) of foods by up to 50% allowing you to worry less about hidden carbs or sugars in the food you eat. Especially when eating out or on the go.**

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Study followed the recommended protocol as per: FAO/WHO ‘Joint Guidelines on glycemic index testing of foods; International Standard ‘ISO 26642/2010: Food Products – determination of the glycemic Index (GI) and recommendation for food classification’

Clinical trials conducted by Phynova have shown a number of health benefits:

In a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study conducted in the UK, Reducose was shown to significantly lower blood glucose spikes and the total amount of glucose getting into the body after eating sugar by 42%
A separate double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial in the UK showed that Reducose could similarly lower the blood glucose spikes and total blood glucose after eating starch (starch is the carbohydrate in bread, rice, pasta etc)
Both of these clinical trials also showed that Reducose promoted a healthier, more moderate release of insulin which may help with level blood glucose between meals and lower the urge to snack
In a separate double-blind, randomized clinical trial, Reducose was shown to significantly lower the glycemic index of common dietary carbohydrates including sucrose (table sugar), maltose (malt sugar), and starch. The biggest effect was seen in starch, where Reducose more than halved the GI, taking it from a high GI food to a low GI food. There are a number of health benefits from following a low GI diet including healthy blood glucose levels, achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, promoting a healthy heart, sustained energy levels, and improved mental performance amongst others
The findings from this clinical trial were confirmed in a separate double-blind, randomized clinical trial and Reducose was again shown to lower the glycemic index of carbohydrates


Key product features bullet points

Reducose: Turns fast sugars and other carbs into slow ones
Patented water extract of mulberry leaves
Feel better & more balanced – Say goodbye to sugar crashes and yo-yoing blood glucose
Reducose fits simply and naturally into your life
Block the digestion of sugar and carbohydrate by up to 40%
Supports a normal, healthy blood sugar response*
May provide support for normal insulin utilization*
May help reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates*


The Pouch is where its at!

Reducose comes in this stay-fresh pouch. This allows you to carry a small supply of Reducose in your pocket, purse or bag quite easily. You will always be ready ahead of that meal with this convenient pouch.





White Mulberry

White Mulberry





All Natural!

Reducose is the Answer!

Recommended use: Take one tablet before a carbohydrate or sugar rich meal. For best results, take 20 minutes before eating.

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