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Why Buy RIMSports’ aquatic exercise dumbbells?

  • They are great for water aerobics, kicking drills, warm-ups, and water workouts!
  • They are the best water dumbbells for adults, children, and the elderly
  • Our water weights for pool will help you to regain your range of motion
  • These pool exercise weights can help you avoid joint stiffness and minimize pain
  • These water aerobic exercise dumbbells are highly durable and made from premium quality material
  • Our pool weights for water heavy resistance provide superior grip and support
  • These dumbbells help your muscles build endurance as well as increase flexibility by providing additional resistance under the water
  • They also serve as a weight-adding tool for your aerobic routine, moderately making you burn
  • Great for aquatic classes, water physical therapy, pool exercise, underwater fitness, water Zumba, and water aerobics 
  • Work your upper body as well as your lower back and ABS for a total fitness workout
  • Increase flexibility in the back and strengthen the lower back, abdominal muscles and obliques with exercises like water walking, rowing and push downs

YOUR SATISFACTION IS 100% GUARANTEED: Simply contact us if you experience any issues whatsoever! However, we believe you’ll simply love our lightweight, easy-to-use water dumbbells and get a better pool workout every time! With a guarantee like this, you simply can’t afford to pass up this opportunity to try out our high-intensity, low impact aqua weights dumbbells. Complete your order now to take your water aerobic exercises to the next level!
GET BACK IN THE GAME: Are you struggling with back pain or recovering from an injury? RIMSports’ water weights for pool exercise are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want to strengthen the muscles in their shoulders, arms, chest, back, and core. Our water aerobics equipment provides a total body workout and can be used for water workouts, aquatic therapy, and hydrotherapy – all of which can help increase your range of motion. These are the best pool weights for water aerobics on the market!
GREAT FOR THE ELDERLY TO HELP INCREASE RANGE OF MOTION: RIMSports’ water weights for water aerobics provide a low impact workout which allows the elderly to rebuild their strength and improve their mobility. Swimming pool exercises performed with aqua weights help to reduce stiffness, increase flexibility, and increase range of motion. Our swim weights for pool are great for aquatic exercises such as arm curls, flyes, and bicycle arms
LOW IMPACT HIGH RESISTANCE WORKOUT: Our aqua weights water aerobics are made from premium eco-friendly foam material. Once the aqua dumbbells are submerged in water, you’ll have a difficult time keeping these aquatic dumbbells underwater, increasing the resistance against your muscles and improving your strength. Unlike other pool dumbbell for water aerobics on the market, our aqua dumbbells for pool come with soft handles that give you an anti-slip experience for the perfect pool workout!
OPTIMUM BUOYANCY WITH EASY TO USE DESIGN: RIMSports’ pool workout equipment are small weights and have optimum buoyancy, making them the best swimming pool weights for exercise! Our aquatic barbells will also dry off quickly after your workout, so they are easy to carry in your gym bag. These aqua dumbells are perfect for people of all ages, making them a great gift or swimming pool accessory – just give them these water barbells for water aerobics and watch them enjoy that pool life!
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: RIMSports’ endeavors to deliver the best dumbbells weights for exercise weights for pool to our customers. We only use top quality materials for our hydro weights. If your water aerobics dumbbells are anything but satisfactory, just email us and we’ll take care of you! RIMSports’ believes in the quality of our aquatic weights and stand behind this promise. Simply complete your order now to get your dumbbell , while supplies last you’ll be totally glad you did!

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