The Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbook Volume 3: Gourmet Burgers, Sandwiches, Sides & Salads for Healthy Weight Loss

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Are you sick and tired of feeling like you have to eat ‘diet food’ to lose weight? Do you miss having huge, delicious, gourmet burgers. Do you think that you can’t enjoy potato salads, desserts, french fries and burgers without gaining weight? Well, Merry Christmas mis amigos! In this, my 3rd cookbook, I continue to expand on the principles and foundational recipes of my first 2 cookbooks, to blow your mind even more. This cookbook is full of healthy, low calorie, low fat, low ‘Point’ large, satisfying… gourmet burgers, sandwiches and side dishes. First, I present almost 30 low fat and calorie salad dressings, dips, spreads and sauces to you. Everything from low fat copycat Chick-Fil-A sauce, to bruschetta, roasted garlic and mustard spread, creole remoulade… and even the crown jewel of low fat and calorie spreads… red onion and bacon jam. So good and so low in fat that you’d lick it off of work boots. Next, we move on to the reason why you’re here, burgers & sandwiches. No, I do not give you regular ‘skinny’ food blogger recipes of cold cut pinwheels, or ‘healthy’ ground turkey burgers that are loaded with cheese and pretend to be low fat and calorie. Every single recipe that I present in this book is meticulously crafted and tweaked to be as absolutely low in fat and calories as possible, while still retaining tons of flavor. If you are sick and tired of non supportive family members, complaining about your ‘diet food’ or saying that they won’t support you on your weight loss journey, because ‘healthy food sucks’ … these burgers will convert them. We have 26 gourmet burgers and sandwiches that you’d be ecstatic to order off of any restaurant menu. There’s low fat and calorie French bistro burgers with black pepper crusted patties, served with a slab of low fat cheese, a Brandy pan sauce, on a bed of dressed arugula (French bistro burger). A roasted green chili & chorizo burger, Lebanese kafta burgers with roasted tomatoes and an entire 1/4 cup of my low fat hummus, ‘Juicy Lucy’ stuffed cheeseburgers, copycat Carl’s Jr. western bacon cheeseburgers, and much, much, much more. Also included, heart (and gut) friendly recipes for crispy baked onion rings, Parmesan carrot fries, ‘perfect’ baked potato wedges, pasta salad, creamed style sweet corn… as well as a bunch of delicious salads. BBQ ranch chicken, cobb, crunchy Asian salad, roasted garlic and onion ‘dressed’ pasta salad, Mexican ‘street corn’ salad and more. As a bonus, I added a few extra recipes to the end of the book, such as: A recipe for low fat/calorie/’point’ hamburger buns, cucumber mint lemonade, peanut butter and jelly cake and a personal sized mini cocoa cake, that you can throw together and have baked in 25 minutes.There is so much awesome in this book , that it’ll make your head spin. IMPORTANT NOTE: This book does reference foundational recipes (such as my meat seasonings) that are in my 1st cookbook, as well as a few salad dressings that are in my 2nd cookbook. Because of the costs of having so many full color photos in this book (over 500), I am unable to include all of those additional pages in this 3rd cookbook, as well.

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