TOMUM Pull Up Bar for Doorway – Multi Grip Chin Up Pull-Up Bar with Foam Covered Handles – Premium Exercise Equipment for Home Fitness – Portable Multi Gym System for Men Trainers Upper Body Workouts

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Pull up bars are one of the most useful and versatile pieces of exercises equipment out there. Home pull up bars help you strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, and back muscles all without the burden of expensive gym fees or wide eyed stares. If you need to work out for a bit, you don’t need to drive and pay for a short session. Simply walk into your hallway or room and enjoy training your body using this accessible and easy to use doorway trainer.

This leverage-based multifunctional doorway pull up bar allows you to try five different grip styles so that you can easily build up different muscles in your body. Assembly, removal, and reattachment are also a breeze when using the doorway trainer. Simply slide the pullup bar in and out when you need to work out on the floor or in another room. No bolts, nails, or excess screws needed!

Durability is also guaranteed when you work out with this chin-up bar. This chin up doorway bar supports your weight without breaking, sagging, or bending in any way. Both big and small fitness buffs will have a blast working out with this reliable and portable gym system.

How To Use
Assembly Instructions
1. Attach the safety wedge behind the top door frame molding until it’s secured.
2. Slide the doorway trainer’s plastic bar into the safety wedge until it securely rests on top of the door frame.
3. Make sure that the pull-up bar’s foam handles rest against the two side door frame moldings.

Material: Plastic, Steel, Foam
Supported Weight: Up To 300 Pounds
Supported Door Frame Width: 35.4 Inches
Compatible Exercises: Pull Ups And Floor Exercises

What’s In The Box?
1 Pull Up Bar For Doorways
1 User Manual

An Easy And Accessible Home Gym: Are you tired of paying for expensive gym fees or too shy to start working out in front of others? This portable gym system is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to build a stronger and healthier physique in the safety of their own home! Housewives, househusbands, and people working from home can use this doorway trainer to set up their own home gym systems and keep fit every day.
Quick And Hassle-Free Assembly: You don’t have to worry about fumbling with too many small parts or taking hours to build each piece. This pull up bar for doorways can easily be built and installed in just half an hour. Since this pullup bar stays in place through leverage, you don’t need to install any additional brackets, hinges, or permanent supports onto your doorway. We recommend mounting this chin up doorway bar on 35.4 inch wide door frames that are free of decorative molding or cornices.
Easy To Store And Remove: Do you need to work out somewhere else or do some squats on the floor? Not to worry, removing and reattaching this pull-up bar is incredibly easy and safe! Simply lift the portable pull up bar off the attached safety clip when you need to use it somewhere else, then slide it back in once you’re ready to do some pull ups again! You can even safely store this home pullup bar in your closet or garage without having to screw it off or disassemble it in any way!
All Around Exercise: This chin-up bar can be used for push ups, sit ups, dips, and many other kinds of exercise. With this doorway pull up bar you can build up a durable physique without feeling too much strain in your body! By encouraging you to use your body’s different muscle groups, this portable gym system helps you build up both physical and cardiovascular strength in under an hour. Fitness fans who want to try simple exercises at home should definitely check this pull up bar out.
Durable Weight Support: Bending, sagging, and breakage won’t ever be a problem with this durable home pullup bar. This pull up bar for doorways is specially designed to support weights of up to 300 pounds. Fitness buffs both big and small can exercise and build their strength for as long as they want with this chin up doorway bar without having to make constant repairs or replacements. Energetic kids and shorter people can also exercise with this doorway trainer without any strain at all.

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