TTMOW Hoola Hoops for Adults, Upgrade Stainless Steel Core with Thicker Premium Foam Weight Loss Weighted Hoola Hoop for Exercise, Stable and Comfortable, 2.7lb

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Product Description

Hoola Hoop for Adults,Weighted Hoola Hoop for Exercise-2lbHoola Hoop for Adults,Weighted Hoola Hoop for Exercise-2lb

hoola hoop for adults weight losshoola hoop for adults weight loss

weighted hoola hoopweighted hoola hoop

Professional Weighted Colorful Hoola HoopProfessional Weighted Colorful Hoola Hoop

How to increase the hoola hoop’s weight?

You can add beans or steel balls to increase the fitness weight of the hoola hoop to 2.7 – 7 lb

weight hoola hoop for women

weight hoola hoop for women

hoola hoop for adults 3 lb

hoola hoop for adults 3 lb

weighted hoola hoops for adult woman

weighted hoola hoops for adult woman

hoola hoop for exercise

hoola hoop for exercise

Keep your belly fat free and firmer

For those of you looking to reduce belly fat, one sport that can be done is using a hoola hoop. This is because belly fat is burned and lost when you use a hoola hoops to move the stomach in a circular motion. The number of calories burned while playing the hoola hoop is 7 km / h and in a hurry. If you walk at this speed, you can burn more than 210 calories in 30 minutes.

Keep your buttocks full

For you, especially for women who do not have confidence in large hips after giving birth, the hoola hoop can be used as a sports device that also offers benefits for tightening the hips. This is because doing a hoola hoops exercise can burn fat and calories, including those in your hips, to look toned. In addition to the muscles of the hips, houls are also affected when playing the hoola hoop. Use a hoola hoop exercise regularly and has been proven to help tone the hips within a month

Maintain a healthy back

Exercising with hoola hoops can also keep your back healthy. This is because as you wiggle the hoola hoop you are forced to squeeze the hoola hoop around your back in order to stay awake and not fall. In order to indirectly nourish the back and avoid the problem of osteoporosis or other back problems due to habit or back position is wrong, such as frequent bending of the back

Detachable & easy to carry

Great for storage and convenient for taking our hoola hoops to the playground, lawn, party, coastal beach and so on. Burn calories anytime, anywhere!

hoola hoop for adultshoola hoop for adults

【304 Stainless Steel Core】Longer service life, Stable and Drop-proof. The interior space can be filled to add weight and increase exercise intensity.
【Thicker Premium Foam】 With high quality foam and thickened design,perfectly fits your waist while exercising and provides effective massage pressure on your waist without getting hurt or excessive pain
【Detachable Design】Weighted hoola hoops suitable for Adults, Consists of 8 parts, easy to carry, so you can take it with you and burn calories anytime, anywhere such as at home, at work, in the gym or in the park.
【Imported Materials】TTMOW weighted hoola hoop consists of high quality, thickened stainless steel core and is padded with skin-friendly and comfortable imported foam. Environmentally friendly and 100% non-toxic.
【Feel The Fat Burning】 Through this hoola hoop exercise, you can tone the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, maintain the figure, promote fat burning, reduce weight and strengthen the body. Using a detachable hoola hoop for 15 to 20 minutes a day can burn calories to reduce weight and improve blood circulation.

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