Weight Loss Starts In Your Brain: A Clinically Proven 6 to 12 Week Program with Self-Discovery Tools and Experiments to Lose Weight Naturally.

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◊ About the Book:

If you have struggled with weight loss and yo-yo dieted for years this book is for you. You know diets don’t work. What is different about this book? It is a clinically proven program that uses a combination of self-discovery tools, games, and activities to help you rewire your brain, create new happy and healthy pathways and by doing so, help you change your eating behaviors and lose weight.

Because this is the one thing you usually don’t do on a diet: you don’t learn to change. When the “diet” is over with all its deprivations and suffering, you can’t wait to go back to your old habits! And the weight comes back with a vengeance. How to get out of this vicious circle?

The novel idea is to learn to lose weight while focusing on yourself! After all, “Weight Loss Starts in Your Brain®”. In this 6 to 12-week program, you will learn about sound nutrition and the benefits of exercise, but the author also has a specific plan to help you understand the impact of stress on your waistline, and the importance of dealing with it.

This book takes you through 12 chapters or a 12-week program that the author designed with medical experts to help you change and lose weight naturally. The focus is on you, versus on a diet. It is a working book. You can take notes in it, and each week there are specific brain-rewiring experiments to help you change.

And yes, we are going to ask you to cut sugar. But we will tell you why and give you tips on how to nip cravings in the bud.

Since September 2019 the program is offered online with each chapter presented as a video, downloadable cheat sheets, experiments and extra videos, available when, where and as much as you want for 6 months. You also get daily emails to motivate you.

It is available at https://thecognidiet.com/cogni-diet/

◊ The Science Behind the CogniDiet® :

The program was studied in a clinical trial in 2016 with 40 women aged 41 to 73. The average weight loss was 12 lbs. with a maximum of 33 lbs. over 12 weeks. The weight loss was maintained after one year, this is a big deal.

The program also helped improve metabolic health, specifically lowering LDL and maintaining HDL. Top line results were presented at the American College of Nutrition 58th annual conference in November 2017 and at the American Society for Nutrition conference in June 2018.

◊ Veronique’s Weight Loss Journey:

Veronique Cardon, M.S., created The CogniDiet® Program based on years of coaching clients as a holistic nutritionist, studying the science of weight loss, and her own life experience and past struggle with weight and stress.

She experienced a serious burnout and got herself out of depression and panic attacks with daily running, nutrition and meditation.

She realized she had rewired her brain to become more resilient to stress and adopt a more positive outlook on life. This is what gave her the idea for The CogniDiet ®. If you can rewire your brain for happiness, why not for weight loss!

After losing 30 lbs. and keeping it off since 2006, Veronique began to explore cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), emotional brain training (EBT) and emerging brain neuroplasticity techniques adapted to weight loss.

She seamlessly integrated these techniques and created this program to help people adopt, and keep, a healthier lifestyle.

◊ Other Resources to Support You:

Follow Veronique for more daily support on:

Facebook @thecognidiet

Instagram @thecognidiet

Twitter @thecognidiet

Pinterest @thecognidiet

You Tube @thecognidiet (many informative free videos)

or you can register to her newsletter or online weight loss program on her website https://thecognidiet.com/

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