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Product Description


What is Sunsign Thigh Master?

Sunsign Thigh Master, an inner thigh toning device. The V-shaped, rubber-coated ThighMaster adds resistance to easier exercise and enhances body awareness during more subtle movements.



Material: PVC, Foam, Metal

Size: 12.5 x 4.3 in

Weight: 12.3 oz

Famous At-Home Workout Devices

Compact yet effective.

Padded, comfortable, handles.

Durable spring-loaded steel core.

Right amount of resistance.

Easy to use – work out and watch TV.

Totally portable for home or office.

A fast, easy and inexpensive way to get in shape.

The resistance band is not only a small exercise device, but also a perfect tool for fixing the thighmaster to the thigh or arm.

When you receive a tightly wrapped item, please be careful to open it to prevent it from becoming a boomerang.


Why Use Resistance Bands?

The simple mechanism allows exercising any suitable muscle.

Shape and firm your body with just few squeezes a day.

Tone, shape, and firm your inner and outer thighs.

Great for sculpting arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Customize your workout for the results you want!

Perfect for people of all ages.







Triangle Shape

Consistent with mechanical principles, stable and easy to use.

Soft Foam

Each unit of foam is supported by each other to give you comfort during exercise.

Solid Spring

Sleek, curved design with built-in thick spring for durability.







Chest Press

a: Sit or stand upright. Position the ThighMaster Gold so that the cap, located in the center of the device, is facing your chin.

b: Place your hands below the cap and rest your forearms against the handles.

c: Breathe in to prepare. Exhale, contract your pectoral or chest muscles and bring your elbows and forearms toward each other.

Thigh Press

a: Your thigh and your calf resting on each handle with cap facing your knees.

b: Squeeze thighmaster while bending your legs as if you are getting ready to sit down.

c: Bring the ThighMaster back up over your head as you stand up straight.

ThighMaster Bridge

a: Lie supine on an exercise mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

b: Place the ThighMaster between your inner thighs, so that it forms a “V” position.

c: Squeeze your inner thigh and gluteal muscles and lift each vertebra from the floor, until your spine creates a bridge. Relax your inner thighs as you roll back to the floor.

Multifunctional Design:Effective toning for thighs, triceps, buttocks, butt and arms;
Compact design: S shape design Light and portable,convenient to use and easy to store;
High quality Material : Made of a spring-loaded steel core covered with soft cushioned foam,rugged and durable.
Applications:You can use it at your home gym, your office, and any place you want to exercise.
You will get : Friendly customer service + 1 x Thigh Master . Just for your fitness goals !

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